Conference in the Cloud, how to make a successful transitioning from On-Site event to an online conference

With all major conferences now either canceled or postponed, 2020 seems like a lost year for this once booming industry, valued in hundreds of billions of dollars per annum. But amidst the Corona mayhem a new event venue, one that is located in the cloud is coming into prominence. Google Cloud Next 2020, NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC), Apple WWDC are just some of the events moving online with much more likely to follow.

How to make it online?

Vidict Media Server is delivering solutions for live video streaming with a portfolio that includes several platforms and products for simultaneously streaming video to hundreds of thousand viewers worldwide. One of the solutions is Vidict Meet, a conference platform accessed via link and opened in a desktop web browser (no software installation/download required).

A Case Study

As soon as COVID-19 entered the mainstream, Vidict was contracted by several event organizers with requests for demoing Vidict Meet. One of them was a company serving the business community with networking opportunities through conferences. Eager to take their business online, our client's main concern was to mimic the atmosphere and format of the events taking place at hotels throughout Europe.

The right capacity

With a quarter of the world population effectively in quarantine, even Youtube and Netflix started to show cracks reminding us that nothing has indefinite capacity.

Vidict Media Server has a network of servers, known as Content Delivery Networks built specifically for streaming live video with capacity 10 times bigger of the industry standard for the particular number of registered participants, ensuring in that way impeccable streaming quality


We understand that each conference is unique with specific goals and different factors to consider and must be customized to meet the needs of the audience. With features like screen sharing, raising hands group and one-to-one chat our online conference platform, served as a good starting point for delivering on our client expectations. However, to capture the true value of on-site events, we were also required to create virtual private meeting rooms, enable one-to-one interaction between the participants and the speaker and audience polling

The beauty of our conference solution is that Vidict Meet was never meant to be a one-fit-all tool but an easily customizable conference platform with many ads-on readily available to be installed, This proved crucial for complying with our client demands, making Vidict Meet the right choice for different conference formats.

Before, during and after the event

As a conference organizer, It is normal to have questions when transiting your event venue to the cloud, lots of questions, about everything. Vidict Media Server assigns a dedicated streaming consultant ready to answer each one of our client questions. Some of the things they want to know are:

How do speakers access the platform and meet online?

  • There is a virtual speaker room accessed by clicking on a link or visiting and entering a password.

How event streams are embedded on client websites?

  • Vidict Meet has a system for screen recording of the speaker's room which is attached to a channel on our Content Delivery Network and transcoded in HLS format, for embedding on a particular website.

How many viewers can watch the event by visiting the website where the stream is embedded?

  • While the number of attendees that can interact with the speakers and other participants is limited to several hundred, our CDNs can support hundreds of thousands of live viewers of the event. Also, the stream is recorded and saved on the cloud for later viewing.


After this latest disruption, the conference industry will never be the same. And there are takeaways from the on-site events that can never be transposed online. On the other hand, conferences in the cloud have their own advantages and now is the perfect time for reimagining the conference industry.

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