Vidict Monitoring


Make sure your servers are online 24/7
You need to secure your business and always be sure your servers are online. We are using Nagios Core Monitoring tool and when something is wrong with your server, we are sending you e-mail so you can contact your hosting provider.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Statistics
We have daily, weekly and monthly statistics about your CDNs. We lead statistics for every request, network traffic, live views, total views, mobile views, CPU usage, free memory, current load, Vidict connections, number of requests per second and much more.

Admin Panel
We are creating an Admin Panel for you, so you can easily find all channels connected on your CDN, and to view all informations about separate statistics for every channel (live views, total views) and also daily stats.
In regards for prices, you can check it on our pricing page.

Ping Service

Be the first to know if your servers are down

✓ Ping Service makes it easy to monitor your websites and servers.
✓ Get alerts via e-mail when your servers are down.
✓ Monitoring is handled by network of checkpoints.
✓ Servers availability check is made by monitoring network which consists of checkpoints.

A check point is a server which performs servers availability check.
We have several check point servers for you:
◉ New York
  Checkpoint is located in New York, USA.
◉ San Francisco
  Checkpoint is located in San Francisco, USA.
◉ Amsterdam
  This one is in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The nearest point for streaming servers in Europe and Middle East.
◉ Singapore
  Located in Singapore, this is the nearest point for checking streaming in South-East Asia and Australia.
◉ Frankfurt
  Checkpoint is located in Frankfurt, Germany.
◉ Toronto
  Checkpoint is located in Toronto, Canada.