Vidict Services

Content Delivery Network

Our platform is based on Vidict Media Server, designed as a software solution for streaming videos, where we guarantee 100% security and stability.
Bellow you can find all packages that we offer and all of our clients (streaming websites) have all of these packages installed and running on their servers. Also we provide guidance how to expand CDN, which server is good, where you can find best edges and etc. Our latest example is where from 4 servers this CDN now have more than 40 servers and this client increase its earning multiply times after he shifted to our platform and under our supervision.


In regards for prices, here is detail price of each product individual:
1.) Streaming Application – Streaming custom application (origin and edge), streaming custom and specific configuration. With this package you are getting 100% secure of your stream, balanced origin-edge structure. In case of using just this package, you will need also a custom made flash player (jwplayer can’t be used due to security issues). Price for this package is $500.
2.) Flash Player – Custom made flash player. With this player we are quarantine 100% protection of stream from stealing, cracking etc. Also we are implementing unique design to player as per your images (or as per jwplayer templates). Player is lightweight (only 15-20 KB), which is loaded very fast at client premises. Price for player is $150.
3.) Web Server – Web part, which included client and admin part, cost $500. Design is not included in the price and we are not doing the design for it. In price is included explanation how to integrate design in our system (integration is based on templates and it is quite easy process). With web part you are getting front end panel for your broadcasters and viewers, which can support up to 200K concurrent users (running on same machine with origin). Admin part is also included in this package.
4.) Takedown Tool – DMCA Takedown tool as a single package cost $250. As mention above this tool is already accepted by all DMCA and hosting companies and with this tool our clients are safe that their servers will not be shutdown due to DMCA notice, plus there is no need for interaction between our clients and DMCA companies (everything is done automatically).
5.) Nagios Server for monitoring – Monitoring system package basic package cost $500. This price include nagios server installation (separate dedicated server is needed), nagios client installation to origin and one edge, custom made monitoring tool that is operating edges (start/stop/pause) as per traffic and overloading of overall CDN and as per custom configuration.

Also, if all packages are included then we are offering following features free of cost:
– custom made iptables scripts that are stopping DDoS
– multiple domains running under same CDN
– SMS and email alerts. This feature allows email and SMS notification for your broadcasters when DMCA users will stop the stream. Due to delay of stopping the stream, broadcaster will have enough time to start another stream and replace the current one.
– IP filtering on web page. This means that in case some viewer is coming from low budget country (Brazil, Venezuela etc) to not allow view of your stream on web side.
– Private edge network for good countries. This feature is used in case you want most valuable countries to have stable service, while other countries to have views as per traffic and CDN throughput limitation. Or in short details, you can dedicated couple (or several) edges for US, UK, AU (and etc), while rest of the edges will be available for all other countries. This allows you when CDN is full and someone from Brazil comes to your system, he will be rerouted to watch stream from regular edges. During busy hours, video is breaking a lot because CDN do not have capacity to support so many users. This means that quality of service for Brazil will be low. In other hand, if someone from UK or US is requesting to watch stream in the same time and you have dedicated edges for UK, then UK viewer will have good quality of service and next time UK will come to your site first to watch the channel (which brings a big revenue from ads).

There is option to get basic streaming package (origin-edge structure, flash player, web part and dcma tool with total cost of $1000), but we highly advice to have Nagios support, because we can monitor whole system only with installed monitoring packages and if you rent Nagios server from us, we can give you basic package plus Nagios for total price of $1250.

Whole software is installed by our team at clients premises (servers). For all software we are providing 3 months bug fixing, 3 months free monitoring of whole CDN. We also can give instructions and guidelines to client how to manage overall CDN, how to manage DMCA complains, ads rotation and much more related with working CDN. In the same time we will educate client (or its technical person) how to manage everything by him self in case of emergency.

Timeframe for installing everything at client premises is 2 months, where first we will put web and video part, to enable basic streaming (for two weeks max), then we will put takedown (3 days), admin (3 days), nagios (2 weeks) and mobile streaming (one month). This timeframe is valid only if servers (origin and edges) are delivered to us. We can’t install anything without having servers.


Price for each streaming server license of Vidict Media Server is $35, as per Vidict prices. Streaming server license of Vidict Media Server is monthly based and it is per server where Vidict Media Server is installed.

Price for edge installation is $30 per one edge installation. With this price we are giving one month free monitoring of this edge inside CDN, its performance, giving guidelines to the client about this server (is it good or not), configure this edge to existing CDN structure and etc.

Price for origin installation and migration is $100. We also provide the same support as edge when origin is shifted.

Price for Nagios installation and migration is $250.

Price for web server shifting is $50.

Price for takedown tool shifting is $25.